My week 😋

Well …… uhhh as I said in the other blog,” I am going to be posting every week” that was like 5 weeks ago since i posted that 😂. (if u haven’t read that one u should Click meh!!) Lol. so the reason y I haven’t been posting is:

  • 1 I didn’t have a reminder to remind me to post
  • 2 I haven’t been doing anything, just being a lazy couch potato
  • 3 Im lazy

Those r my reasons 😛. So anyways on Saturday I went to this,”pow wow'” and it was so much fun! I had gotten an AWESOME wolf shirt there. (I was gonna take a pic but rn I’m sitting on my bed and too lazy to get up 😕) Then on Monday I when raspberry picking with my Ash and Gwen (my sisters) and Gwen’s friend Mackie. It was a blast!!!! i had so much fun, when the bugs weren’t nibbling at me. Anyways i wasn’t lazy at that time bc i got dem PIIIICCCTUUURRRES!!


ehh I tried my best. anyways it’s getting late, and i don’t know what else to write down so,

Goodbaii peoples!!! ~Smile




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